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What Almost No One Knows About

Methods that Will Prevent Electronic Health Records Fraud

While the use of technology in the health sector is believed to bring efficiency in the handling of patients care and improving the overall efficiency of running a hospital, some mischief characters are misusing it. One of the most commonly used software in the health sector is the EHR program which many health facilities are using. Recently, there has been a big number of fraud cases being reported committed as a result of the use of electronic health care records software by fraudsters. Here below is a discussion of how to prevent electronic health records fraud cases.

You should have policies that guide the use of copy and pasting of records in the hospital. With many operations at your healthcare facilities, your employees may take advantage to duplicate several documents which may be used for fraudulent dealings, you need to have controls on when copy-pasting should be used. For good controls, your employees should understand that copy-pasting should only be put in use when it is important otherwise they should avoid.

You need to put in place some internal control systems for auditing the operations of the EHR software. There should be an approach in your healthcare facility where you can easily audit the logs of every user of the software, here the logging passwords, time and date are captured. Auditing this logs will help your internal auditor detect any discrepancy of the information on the records, know who keyed it in and the time it was done.

You need to put up high-security features of anyone accessing the EHR system. Since the EHR system captures delicate information about your healthcare facility activities as well as those of the patients, it important that you restrict the accessibility to the system. There is a need that you put multiple verifications procedures of all users for the EHR system within your facility, you can also improve this by ensuring the system prompts the user to key in their OTP which expires after 5-10 minutes. Such steps are ideal in preventing the malicious actions of the unauthorized personnel.

You should consider giving your patients the freedom to report any fraudulent activity that they suspect on the organization about their health records. Fraudulent activities may take place through the medical cover of the patients, the patients should have a voice of airing out such activities especially when they are charged for services they never received. You can mitigate fraud-related cases done through the EHR system from happening when you engage the patients as well.

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